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[台灣] Having a trip with” The Vita House” in Taichung.









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. q3 ]3 |9 w2 G4 @/ w5 ~$ T2 E
5 j! R, h9 q. G5 ]来台中找薇她小姐就对了!

2 i. p+ S. T: z6 s1 O. |If you are considering where to go on your simmer vacation,
' [, P; i  z( B, {having a trip in Taichung with” The Vita House” would be a great choice!

# P% J( t, x( j$ C; z! v 9 r6 b# H3 b/ h; d; q( q, h
: t9 U" l, Y6 P* X

* j% `9 ^- P: o, G优惠日期:
+ ~" R8 `# j# e+ s0 k* z8月1日~8月30日(六、日不适用)

; F2 G' ^% A1 R% ~7 bPromotion is from Aug.1 to Aug.30,2017' S$ f5 R* e: G! t; P
Ps. The promotion is inapplicable to Saturday and Sunday.
* q' [1 k6 [+ f* v
; m( \1 t7 o  z+ _* ^- Y+ _
' ~' O" ]6 b1 b7 `. l$ R7 I$ ^You’ll get discount below if you finish to make a reservation for two rooms(or more) a time during the promotion.5 F* E- |+ p$ b3 ?0 s+ v3 S
This limited-number offer is only available while room lasts.

- w3 [/ A+ V1 Z# r
, l$ z4 [  d1 w& w优惠折扣:
8 y! o0 U: b! Q4 N  w. h. O租2间:房价总金额可折400元; m) G9 u/ `* {" I' E+ B
- }& z( _& `/ N4 M: E租4间:房价总金额可折900元
; u, o. X8 k4 n* d# ]# P租5间:房价总金额可折1100元

0 \4 w- o& W7 P% F' u2 rPromotion
& n$ {+ _  T% Q6 l" WMake the reservation for two rooms; reduce 400 of the total price for you.
8 T/ a0 S/ {4 V- |" o; AMake the reservation for three rooms; reduce 600 of the total price for you.# L% I% }3 s- W! R0 o" S( n
Make the reservation for four rooms; reduce 900 of the total price for you.: d+ w( _* l8 t) N
Make the reservation for five rooms; reduce 1100 of the total price for you.
. V0 r3 r) k! P+ J  {1 V

& F: s+ P8 H" O' t请睁大眼睛仔细看清楚注意事项:0 P+ i) F2 N% _% {
: q5 G5 U& S" X2.仅限电话订房或于FB私讯订房,请于订房时,即告知使用此项目。
0 q- ~8 a( K! w) a3.本项目不得与其他优惠项目并用且不得异议其他内容。$ z$ o7 R# v' Q: N% S
4.本项目不得民间团体、旅行社及游览车、车队等不适用。3 v  `5 Z- G- k1 Z/ O. ~& h5 {
7 C7 A* L: R/ g8 G, K6.如对本活动办法及活动奖项有任何疑问,欢迎询问。电话:0908345331 / LINE:@vita123
3 u, n. r- m# i$ {
Please read the details first,
% c4 D( P7 U9 ^8 i+ v5 L! V4 j1.The promotion is only for the people who make a reservation for two rooms (or more) a time during the promotion. And if you need the invoice, 5% additionally.
" y9 Y9 Q% ~- H% F- m( Z$ ]2.You can make a reservation on facebook message or tel, and please inform us that you get the promotion.$ R7 u. ]/ a& R  S7 D
3.It’s not available for using this promotion with another promotion in the same time. No objection!
$ A! \& e- B1 i' m4 ^. r+ E+ a( A4.Not for civil body, travel agency, etc.4 g# x. w9 B0 `# \
5.” The Vita House” has the right to stop the promotion
3 i  U) a8 @& F$ ]( N9 V6.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. TEL:0908345331 / LINE:@vita123

- ?8 V4 B3 K3 l1 S, c9 D- ~0 U-----  y& R+ G: |9 j
( V: T+ J; a5 N5 R
台中景点推荐Hot Spo:
/ x- u% i1 |2 I1 L  \1 K+ @; v) N1.东海大学Tunghai University  V. N; s7 c; }3 \- Y5 j3 S
3 B2 p( ]9 \- p$ `6 E" Q1 O  b
This campus is the most attractive one of all the universities in Taiwan. There’s a farm belongs to Donghai University. You can buy dairy products in the convenience store as well.
. l* p# l* b7 \/ o8 |, N" c9 j; v2.台中国家歌剧院National Taichung Theater
: U9 ^+ A7 j8 u7 D# N, R2 x台中国家歌剧院造型以「美声涵洞」概念建设,一座与人、与自然共生的剧场在台中诞生,工作团队为此及大都会的发展与流向付诸许多努力,希望这样的文艺气息能散布在城市的每个角落。
" \8 I/ a% c' M
The theater is like whirlpool in central Taiwan, the crowds striving for a cosmopolitan flavor will be attracted and flow inwards, causing the arts to seep into every corner of the city.9 B& v4 O, S/ n+ _! U
% P$ G! G* B" g/ ^# r" x早期的宫原眼科建筑经过知名糕饼业改装,加上现代设计元素使日出有现今样貌,内有好吃的冰淇淋、珍珠奶茶等伴手礼,在享受美食的同时能够同时感受历史的感动。
& w' k' b: X, E
The early place original ophthalmology department’s construction, re-equips the packing after the Taichung well-known cakes and pastries industry. Added on modern the design element, from this time on will turn the sunrise the specialest flagship shop, sells the major part sunrise the cakes and pastries, moreover also have the delicious ice cream, the pearl tea with milk retention history construction, lets the human feel the history the move.: U  ^7 D1 z5 @' c( b" K9 |
4.逢甲夜市Feng Chia Night Market2 k  Y$ i- ^0 c4 V- z2 c

/ C2 O  ?% z2 u; @: t" v5 b* i% bThe snacks in the night market will make you drool. The clothing is unique and fairly priced. You can shopping without worries cuz you will not face the problem of being unable to find a parking spot. Enjoy the night market culture of Taiwan here!
" u3 |  U. ?# k, ?+ V, ^- Q5.秋红谷Maple Garden' j: b* S  o/ z9 y6 h4 |

5 l  q/ Q5 F( W( `No matter which season it is, walking in the Maple Garden is a visual enjoyment. Also, it is a great place for talking a walk, going on a date, and exercising. It would be a totally different feeling if you are there at night.3 C( g; @! T6 g
# H' N5 S% ^, D  ]1 _
----( E, f5 ]* w. J6 n4 O' F6 X
旅游‧住宿‧包车服务  g: x( {# U0 V, i" l. _
  U/ |0 O" p( N; ]" D$ Y: h让您吃喝玩乐都尽兴
5 T4 \2 \* z$ y( f/ G0 g也可三五好友相揪一起包车出门旅游方便UP!. f4 `$ k' ~: `

5 V  P! k! y% f/ D( ~Traveling, accommodation, Chartered service, and etc.. U) Y$ \: ~8 g7 s8 {
A cute and fair price accommodation close to Feng Chia Night Market.
- _3 @2 j9 i$ Y  k9 A, P* wIt would be convenience and fun for you and your friends here! 7 z- \/ B( p8 _+ @
To rich your travel in Taichung, contact ” The Vita House” immediately!

0 {) n$ {. T3 \4 }3 T  `* a
8 @: p% E/ r5 d5 ]5 ^( x: O逢甲住宿,短期租屋,逢甲夜市,逢甲民宿,台中住宿' r" K, Q6 C$ k/ N- {; K
% A) h0 O8 j+ y2 h


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